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Transfer of knowledge

For some children, a different orientation to success.

For 20 years at the educational leadership of my school, I found that some students, although endowed with many abilities, although able to be passionate, are not adapted to the generalized system of the college unique. The subjects taught are not concrete enough to offer short-term vision of a future interest. Many of them do not want to college. They are thus often fail at school, losing confidence in themselves and moving gradually towards a rejection of the school.

Setting precious stones

Some may progress to depressive attitudes, aggressive or absentee, their academic level then becoming increasingly weak, while others suffer in the current education system of lack of recognition of their individuality, consistent lack of information and, often, of a poor orientation of schooling wich may undermine their future development in society.

When you consider that currently in France almost 25% of youth aged 18 to 25 are unemployed, it appears clearly that the systematic orientation towards the general baccalauréat is not the best solution. It would be important to promote and redevelop other directions, more concrete and practical, vocationally oriented, orientations poorly judged and devalued today because too often used as a default pathway for all dropouts.

the art of feather

This way is however almost the only one who can lead these young people thrive, prosper and find a vocation in the study and practice of one of the many activities related to crafts, visual arts or performing arts.

Given this fact and having always at heart to imagine and deliver the best solutions to each of my students, I met Joel Philippin-Stefansen who is a Master Craftsman, cabinet and marquetry maker, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Graduate of the Fondation de la Vocation. Joël Philippin-Stefansen has extensive experience in the field of vocational training for young people and numerous contacts in the artistic circles. http://www.stefansen.fr

porcelain and earthenware

Together we have thought through to offer these students to grow by following a path allowing them to be faster in concrete things. This while keeping a good general culture and a high level in languages with a good chance of finding a job afterwards, and even build their own business one day.

Thus was born the project “Métier-Passion”.

Artcrafts are the best suited for this type of orientation as they are beautiful crafts, very rewarding, requiring great qualities both intellectual and manual.

careers in heritage restoration

These occupations often scarce, most unknown, are in France extremely numerous and varied, often internationally oriented. In addition, elected officials and the French government show a view to facilitating their transmission and conservation because they are an integral part of our rich cultural heritage.

Restoration of musical instruments

It is therefore proposed, to the students who are not interested in long studies, to follow academic training, technology and practice, for 2 or 3 years depending on the student and the job, training to acquire all the skills required to take qualifications in the craft of their choice.

Young people keep their high school or college student status. Academic training is followed to school. The student is assigned to the company for the practical study of the craft. This study is complemented by weekly practice courses before and during certain school holidays.

Entries can be taken now for the opening of September 2012.

Association “Métier-Passion.” Training provider registered under number 11 78 81570 78.

For more information, please contact secretariat@metier-passion.fr

Sylvie rousseau-d’Esclaibes – Joël Philippin-Stefansen

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