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Dozens, hundreds, thousands...

These trainings are given in respect of the Montessori method, using material wich  allow a better understanding of concepts.

Our teachers are familiar with the Montessori materials and follow with me a refresher course to ensure their support in the best conditions.

They all have an extensive experience in tutoring or small group classes are mostly fully bilingual French-English and / or Spanish and / or Italian and are all in higher education in very good universities: University of Paris-Dauphine, Business School, University of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, University of Nanterre …


They can help students (from elementary to high school) also making preparations to various examinations : GCSE, baccalaureate exams, Cambridge exams, etc…

I am ready to join them to provide private lessons or group of primary school and college.

The courses offered are individual, group, help with homework, and, through the Montessori materials, courses of French language for foreign children (and adults) and helps to better understand mathematics or French language in primary school and early college.

 It is also possible to arrange sessions for oral exams in English, French or Spanish.

We can usefully give help to parents who have decided to do “home schooling”.

For rates and the organization of courses, please click on this link rates and courses organization.

For registration, please fill the Registration Form below or download the Registration form and return it completed to the address :


Sylvie Rousseau-d’Esclaibes
Cours de soutien – Métier-Passion
29, rue de Noisy
77870 Bailly


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