Athena Montessori School

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29, rue de Noisy – 78870 Bailly – France

tel : 06 31 05 41 34  –

“For further information on the International Montessori School Athena, please fill the contact form at the end of this page. Thank you”


A bilingual school.

Dear parents, dear friends,

Our educational project is based on the principles of the Montessori method, principles that I have implemented successfully for 20 years at the Lycée International Montessori adding the result of my own research, including learning several languages at an early age.  

The five senses.

Strong of this long experience and informed of the latest research in neuroscience and child psychology, it seems to me now very important to emphasize, from an early age, the development of sensory faculties – the 5 senses – in parallel to academic learning and that of native and foreign languages. By extension, it is primordial to raise the important creative faculties of children and adolescents into adulthood with particular emphasis on the close connections between the manual and cognitive, gesture and spirit. 

A positive emotional surrounding.

This research has shown indeed that while human creation is entirely after the intelligence of the hand, any cognitive acquisition, whether concrete or abstract, is inevitably based on the perception of informations surrounded by a large sensory and emotional substrate. To become acquisitions, these informations are controlled by the limbic brain and can permanently imprint in the neo-cortex only if their emotional environment is strongly positive. 

This has the immediate effect of creating a significant need for a school environment very adapted – emotionally positive – while strongly directing the action and attitude of teachers vis-à-vis children in this friendly environment. 

High level practitioners

I work with high-level practitioners in the arts and crafts in order to implement these educational supplements in the best conditions for the benefit of our students, both at the highest academic level that sensory and emotional in order to provoke a high, complete and harmonious development of their personalities.

King Regards.

Sylvie Rousseau d’Esclaibes

Innovative teaching methods.

The function of the school is not to train the child, but allow him to be” Maria Montessori

The teaching that I gradually developed during 20 years at the Lycée International Montessori has proved its worth. It is entirely based on the Montessori methods to which I added my own values and the result of all my training enriched by years of observation of children and adolescents.

Among others, fairly appalled by the low level in foreign language of students following their education in French schools, I absolutely wanted to allow everyone to learn more foreign languages from an early age in total immersion to integrate these languages as their native language.

From kindergarten to elementary school, children therefore study some subjects in a language and other subjects in another language, always with teachers who speak their native language, whether French or foreign language, without translation ever.

The child is being totally immersed and, with respect to Maria Montessori’s teachings about the importance of a perfectly adapted environment, the teacher always has his (hers) own class in which he (she) transmits his (hers) own culture in every way possible. The child finds himself in a bath full English, French, etc…

This type of education has always worked very well because after a few years, students are bilingual in a large majority. You can then present them at the start of primary school at the prestigious exams from the University of Cambridge : the “Young Learners” for younger and, for older, the Key English Test, the English Preliminary Test, First Certificate, Advanced and Proficency

Often at the end of their Terminale, they integrate foreign universities such as McGill in Montreal, Royal Holloway and Warwick in England, etc …

The International Montessori School is the only Montessori school in France which had a secondary school and a high school. For the secondary school, I developed a very specific pedagogy still based on the great values of Maria Montessori : every child is different, we must absolutely respect these differences and bring what child needs to succeed in life.

In order to develop the full potential of these young people and not fit them all in the same mould, the arts are very important and are a significant part in the schedules.

This allows them to acquire the knowledge necessary for academic success in their exams while flourishing in parallel in their chosen field (music, visual arts, theater, etc…). They are then well aware of their individuality and gain confidence in their various possibilities.

In order to establish an even more elaborate teaching, adapted to our times, with particular emphasis on developing sensory and artistic in parallel to the most comprehensive intellectual development, and to give young people the largest field possible for the future, I continue working with highly skilled practitionners in my new school : The Athena Montessori International School which is located at 29 rue de Noisy – Bailly (78870) in the département of the Yvelines.

 Sylvie Rousseau-d’Esclaibes

For more information, please fill the contact form below. Thank you.

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