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The International Montessori School “Vive l’Enfance”, has reopened in Bailly (78870) – 29, rue de Noisy – after a short period of financial restructuring – under the name “Montessori International School Athéna”.

NO OTHER SCHOOL can claim the inheritance of the Lycée International Montessori “Vive l’Enfance” I created and led for over twenty years.

My teaching methods are based on the scientific method of Maria Montessori to which I added the fruit of my own research in order to adapt to the needs of our time, including learning, in parallel with the French, two languages (English and Spanish) from the kindergarten in total immersion.

Diplomas from Cambridge University

For the academic year 2010/2011, approximately 410 students were enrolled from kindergarten to the baccalauréat. About 30% were foreign native speakers or from families with dual nationality.

Many of them have passed, from the small classes, English examinations of the University of Cambridge. Sixty students from college and high school received the congratulations of the teachers at the end of the second quarter of the school year.

Theatre, creation of primary school students

I also had to adapt teaching to accommodate – and allow them to flourish – a number of students who cannot find a place elsewhere : in the last year, four with autism, about thirty children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, agraphia, dyscalculia, etc … and even 40 children gifted with up to three years in advance.

the joy of being together

I also think of some deep gifted children’s school phobia  of which I did personally care and that we have successfully carried out in their studies ; as well as the consuming passion of some children to an extracurricular activity that led me to adapt teaching methods and schedule so that these children could juggle their studies and their passion.

It is this long work and those high educational values that have accompanied the success and the huge commitment of parents in my school (see all the evidence in the section of the same name).

Primary pupils dance Spain

I decided to make this blog to put all my experience and knowledge for people wishing to participate in one way or another to happiness and fulfillment of all school children.

This blog will also give parents and professionals working in the field of childhood and adolescence all information about the “International Montesori School Athéna”.

In fact, eager to create an even more fulfilling school for children, I work in association with highly skilled professionals to improve my teaching approach by further high-level contemporary applications.

Sylvie Rousseau-d’Esclaibes

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