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The Lycée International Montessori Athéna proposes a political science class open to our 10th grade students (UK: Year 11) and those of other high schools.

Ideal for motivated students, who are curious of the world that surrounds them, who are ready to improve their knowledge, this class will help them discover political science and offer them the opportunity to present the subject as a credit for the French National Baccalaureate.

The method conferences will take place one Wednesday a week, from 10am to 1pm on our high school premises. The lessons will start on January 29th and will last until the month of June 2014. .

Montessori confidence Didier da Silva: will teach this class. He has been a history and geography teacher for 13 years and is also our school performance administrator. Graduated from the French School of “Sciences-Po”, he is a former lecturer there.

Each class is structured like a method conference given at “Sciences-Po”: review of current affairs, followed by an introduction and a lecture on the theme of the day: political science, history of ideas, international relations.

One or two books will be studied in collaboration with their authors.

In order to give a significant added value to the students who will choose to follow the course, the grades obtained will appear on their school report card.

The cost is 350 euros for the whole session (50 % will be paid at registration and the rest by the 30th of March). An invoice will be handed out for tax exemption.

Registrations are opened until the 1rst of February 2014 and the students will start the courses on the 29th of September.

Montessori sciences politicalThanks to this class, we aim at proposing a new method of learning that will help students in their maturity process. It will also help them develop an interest for this type of university studies.

Parents of students from other high schools can obtain further information by writing directly to the lecturer at: didier.dasilva@sciences-po.org

Sylvie d’Esclaibes




(Please hand back to Didier da Silva before 30th of January 2014)



LAST NAME:________________________________________________________________

FIRST NAMES:_________________________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH:______________________________________________________

PLACE OF BIRTH:_______________________________________________________



PHONE NUMBER:_________________________________________________


FATHER’S PROFESSION:____________________________________________________

WORK PHONE NUMBER:________________________________

= Would you be interested in giving a lecture for the political science class? YES – NO

MOTHER’S PROFESSION:_________________________________________________

WORK PHONE NUMBER:_________________________________

= Would you be interested in giving a lecture for the political science class? YES – NO


Regular attendance to the Political Science Class is compulsory. In case of an unjustified absence, a letter will be sent to parents.

The Political Science Class does not convey any particular political position: all political points of view are welcomed and respected.

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