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MontessoriWe should always remember the words that Maria Montessori wrote in her book entitled From childhood to adolescence:

“… What we wish for, us to whom the child has shown such power of intelligence, is to go back to Comenius’ fundamental idea, and that is to bring the World to the children.

When the child goes out, the World offers himself to him. Instead of producing objects that represent ideas and to lock them up in a closet, let’s open up the child and show him things in their real perspective…”

Students in middle school and high school enjoyed another nice field trip with their history and geography and English teachers. A former student, who is now an airline pilot, accompanied them.

Montessori outings

A visit to Paris

MontessoriAfter a long and interesting stroll around the capital, they went to the national film gallery where they were able to see an exhibition on “Jean Cocteau”.

MontessoriDuring this nice day, students were able to develop a climate of solidarity between them. It also helps our teachers to see them in a different light and learn more about them. They can easily establish a friendly relationship with their students therefore obtaining the best performances from students who want to please them.

Montessori confidenceOther trips are being organized, not counting the numerous lunches spent together to celebrate the Epiphany, or just to eat a pizza. On Thursday 30th of January, we will also celebrate the Chinese New Year, which takes place on the 31rst.

These gatherings also make their school year more happy and cheerful and do not leave room to monotony.

Sylvie d’Esclaibes

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