We have a new school mascot!

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Montessori contact nature

Izia meeting the children

Today, we welcomed the new school mascot: a little Labrador named Izia. After the hens, we now have a little puppy in school!

The children were all thrilled from maternal school students right up to high school students! She will live with our primary school students and they will be responsible for her wellbeing.

Montessori contact animal

Little by little, Izia gets used to the children.

I am impressed by the liability of Montessorian children. They now take care of the hens on their own.

Montessori sense of responsibility

The older students are responsible for the young ones

We generally ask an older student from primary class to help two younger students. They never forget to lay the straw, to give the hens enough to eat and drink and to allow them to walk outside of the cage several times a day.

Montessori kindergarten

The child and the puppy

The children are very respectful of our little puppy. When we asked them to let her sleep because she is only two months old, they were very quiet and the atmosphere of the class was more serene than usual.

Montessori happiness

The joy of the small ones around the puppy

Maria Montessori always pointed out that it is important to open the child’s mind towards nature, and we manage to offer this opportunity to children thanks to our small vegetable gardens, and thanks to the weekly delivery of cut flowers. They can also enjoy the hens and now the brand new puppy.

Montessori responsible children.

First time in our garden

We are also negotiating a partnership with a nearby farm.

Montessori respect

Children respect their little dog

I am happy to propose a school that is so close to nature.

Sylvie d’Esclaibes

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