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Today, we organized our first “circle” with our high school students.

Montessori le cercle

The circle

In the presence of our history and geography teacher, who is also our performance administrator, Didier da Silva, our French teacher, Bénédicte Dutrieux and one of our English teachers (who also happens to be an ex- student), Paul Belgram, we all sat in a circle and freely talked about different subjects.

This debate is the first of a series that will take place once a month. During our next session, we will ask an ex-student to come and talk about his “Montessori experience”. He will also tell our students how the Montessori method helped him during his college years and his professional life.

Montessori high school classesA lot of our former students are now attending college and some have just found their first job. We have contacted: Jan who has just finished college and intends to take over his father’s firm; Maxime who has just finished his studies to become an airline pilot; Timothée who is studying chiropody; Hector who is city councilor and on his way to become a lawyer; Maylis who attends a prestigious culinary school; Stanislas who is preparing an MBA in one of the best American colleges; Alexandra who has finished her studies in architecture; Ethan, who worked in show business and is now going to join the kitchen of a famous chef and so on…

This afternoon, the first question was:”“what is Montessori for you?”

Montessori The answers were as follows:

  • It is a comprehensive school. Teachers and students go through great efforts. If one brings something positive to the class, the teachers are “nice” to them;
  • It is a school where we are asked to give our best, and it develops our desire to study.
  • We are autonomous and therefore more mature;
  • We come freely because in other schools, teachers do not give students the desire to learn anymore;
  • The school teaches us to do things on our own;
  • We can be successful even if we have to deal with problems,
  • The Montessori model adapts itself to the student and not the contrary;
  • It is a second family;
  • We do not feel stressed out by our teachers.

MontessoriThe second question was for students who come from another system: “what is different?”

  • It is the best private school because we are all different when we finish. We are not part of “the mold” like in other schools.
  • There are fewer students and therefore more exchange, more discussion between students and teachers;
  • In other schools, our personality does not count;
  • I had long hours of detention and I became the teachers’ scapegoat. Even if I trespass sometimes, teachers here will not hold it against me;
  • It is less stressful here;
  • We are fewer in class and everyone has his space. Work is less stressful;
  • In my other school, teachers who wanted me to get the best grades stressed me out. The teachers were less available, the homework was just too much and I could never finish it;
  • In my former school, we had detention. It is not the case here.

A student who has always attended our school gave the conclusion:

• Here, we find that teachers are our friends, we want to come and we are not scared.

This debate is part of the many actions that I take to promote a privileged, confident and responsible relationship between teachers and students. I aim at creating an appropriate exchange so that my wish to perpetually enrich the teaching methods of my school lives on in respect of what the Montessori model taught me.

Sylvie d’Esclaibes

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