Let’s bake some cakes!

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Montessori - taking care of animals

Our hens taking a stroll!

Now that our hens regularly lay eggs, we can cook! Last Friday, with our primary school students, we made some really nice cakes. The kids were thrilled!

Montessori cooking

Reading out the recipe

Following the instructions of the recipe can be helpful to work on the tenses of verbs: break the eggs, measure the flour, mix, cook for…

Montessori mesures

The children prepare the ingredients

We also worked on measures while preparing the ingredients.

Maria Montessori loved this exercise! Children gain independence. They can bake their own cake, measure each ingredient, beat the eggs, turn on the oven, and make sure the cake does not burn…

Montessori observation

Nice eggs

The children also noticed that our eggs looked nicer than those found in supermarkets: a nice yellow and shiny color!

The Montessori method involves using concrete exercises especially with young children. Baking and cooking are perfect examples of what you can do with children in respect of the methodology that Maria Montessori left us.

Montessori the taste

Look at our beautiful cakes!

Montessori nature

Pick up the eggs regularly

It is already a thrill for children to pick up the eggs laid by our hens everyday. Now that we are cooking with them, imagine their joy!

This is another great example to be happy in school!

You can also cook with your children at home: prepare your recipes with them. You will have loads of fun and you will be able to introduce notions that are not always easy to grasp!

Sylvie d’Esclaibes

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