~ Our open day: a big success!

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Many thanks to all the families who came to visit our school on Saturday.

A big thank to parents, teachers, alumni and students who were kind enough to help us.

We have made a lot of efforts to take care of everyone but there were many people and we are not certain to have met all our visitors. We hope that all have had answers to their questions.

For over 20 years since I created my school, I had never seen so many people at such an event. Especially since we were the Easter weekend!

This adds to the growing number of connections on our blog that reached today more than 42,000 and the success of my Montessori workshops for adults (5 training courses) and the numerous tutoring lessons that we provide during the week. This shows the enthusiasm of parents and children for the innovative teaching that I tried to implement as best as possible for all these years. And we have not yet released all our projects!

Several families had warned us they would be absent and wanted us to organize a second open day. So we plan this second open day on Saturday, May 12, 11 am to 16 pm, to allow families who were absent this weekend to meet with us and visit our school.

We will then stop the enrollment at the end of May in order to  organize the opening in September and the upcoming school year.

See you on the blog for new articles !

Sylvie d’Esclaibes
Joël Philippin-Stefansen
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