~ Finding the right school for your child?

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The only Montessori institution in France from kindergarten to Baccalaureat

Since the Lycée International Montessori closed, I get many requests from parents looking to find the best school for their child(ren). So I decided to establish a number of criteria that seem essential in an educational program to develop the best in everyone in a friendly atmosphere where the child can grow, learn, develop all its potential and go happily to school each day.

The school where you want to enroll your child will have to meet up the following criteria:

I remind you that the International Montessori School that I created and led for twenty years was the only institution in France to provide a Montessori education from kindergarten to the baccalauréat.

I set up this method after many years of practice, training and research.

Today, no institution in France can provide such instruction as only my daughter Noemie, whom I trained and who worked for many years with me, could have enough experience to be able to develop such a school. You will only find in France Montessori nursery and elementary schools. Perhaps some institutions will present themselves as “Montessori Highschool” without the experience or practice, so be very vigilant in relation to some essential criteria :

Read the following text : Find the right school for your child…

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